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Terms & Conditions of Use
Below you can read the Terms and Conditions of Use of this Site, please read carefully before proceeding with any kind of action.
1. Introduction
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5 User Content
6 Responsibilities and Limitations
7 Exceptions
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10 Payments
11 Refunds & Refund Procedures
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13 Third Party Terms and Conditions
14 Registered Users
14. 1 About You And On Visits To Our Sites
14. 2 Privacy Policy
14. 3 Contents
14. 4 Errors, Corrections And Changes
14. 5 Virus, Hacking And Other Attacks
14. 6 Data Storage
14. 7 Disclaimer
The following Terms and Conditions control your use of this website; By using this website, you agree to these Terms and Conditions at the fullest. Please do not use our services if our Terms and Conditions and third parties are not deemed to be appropriate to your needs.

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The use of any information or material on this website is completely at your own risk and we do not feel responsible for any malfunction or service interruption;
The MillionaireAccademy System contains our own material. This material includes design, layout, look, appearance and graphics. Reproduction is prohibited unless prior agreement and adherence to the Copyright Terms and Conditions which forms part of these Terms and Conditions;
At any time this site may also include content from other websites. These links will be provided to you to give you more and more up-to-date information on Trading or anything else. This does not mean we represent that web site. We do not have any liability for the content of those websites;
This website uses cookies. In agreement with our Privacy Policy (cookie policy) you consent to the use of this feature;
We are not responsible for any kind of update and modification that is made on Trading Platforms.
What you find in my site and in my products is my personal experience not a method or system for making money. I have made every effort to make sure I represent my product or service properly and its potential for profit. Any earnings or income statements are estimates of what I think I can accomplish. There is no guarantee that you can achieve the same results and accept with the purchase, also the risk that each person’s earnings may vary and be influenced by other factors. As with any other business, the results may vary, and are based on your individual ability, business experience, know-how, and profound engagement. There is no guarantee of success that may occur. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser and do not intend to represent or ensure that anyone will automatically get the same or similar results.
The success of each individual depends on his background, dedication, commitment and motivation in his work. There is no guarantee that the proposed income examples can be duplicated in the future. I can not guarantee future results and / or successes, and this is a guarantee of making money. There are some unpredictable risks in the business world and the Internet can not predict the implications and results. We are not responsible for customer actions. The use of our information, products and services should be based on the diligent application of what you have learned and the user accepts that our company is not responsible for the success or failure of your business that is directly or indirectly linked to the purchase and use Of our information, products and services.

License for Use of Millionaire Accademy
In accordance with the terms and conditions listed below, the intellectual property of this web site has rights reserved.

You can not:

Display any site material in public without the consent of the authors;
Reproduce, duplicate, copy or export material from this Web site for commercial purposes instead of for collecting Lead;
Republish material from this website;
Sell, rent or administer your license without our consent;
Access Restrictions
Access to certain areas of this website such as the Member Area is reserved only to members who have a valid license on our product / service. We reserve the right to modify this information and to restrict access at our discretion if the Terms and Conditions of this website are not respected.

You will be registered by entering a USER ID and a PASSWORD of your choice at the time of registration to enable access to our website and reserved areas. Please keep your details confidential and guard them appropriately.

We reserve the right to deactivate your USER ID if something unusual is discovered to us.

Rules of Use
By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Facebook (which may be changed at will and in time) that are incorporated into Facebook’s Terms and Policies.

You do not need to use this website to distribute or send unwanted commercial communications.

You do not need to use this website in any way that causes or could cause, give to users or access to the service; These methods are considered illegal and out of the law and could be punished as fraudulent and illegal acts.

You do not need to use this website in any context or situation related to the site’s marketing, except with our written or digital consent.

You do not have to use this website to copy, host, transmit, send, use, publish or distribute suspicious material (spyware, trojan virus etc) …

The violation of this provision could go against the Computer Misuse Act 1990. We will announce any kind of malfunction to our authorities and we will cooperate with them in order to find out the identity of the possible violator. Based on this statement, we also reserve the possibility of Take legal action against offenders.

We are not responsible for any damages or other types of attacks, viruses or other malicious technologies that may infect your computer or your programs due to the use of our website or related sites.

Content Users
In these Terms and Conditions, we disclose, with “User Content”, any material (including any text, picture, PDF, audio material, video-visual content) that you present on this website for any purpose.

User Content must not be illegal or outlawed, do not infringe on third party rights or Facebook, and must not be liable for any legal action against you or us or third parties (under any applicable law) .

We reserve the right to edit or remove the material created by you on our website, hosting.

We do not think we are responsible for the use of the content you suggest to your customers. We do not believe we are responsible or even less involved in any legal action or that violates the legal rights of other sites with your content. Are you 100% Responsible for your actions and content.

We also reserve the right to block access and therefore use of the license without notice.

If we notice abuse of our system with many campaigns or we will have problems for this infringement, we are entitled to bannarti you without any notice. No refund will be provided in this case. We can not guarantee SSL certificates for your lifetime campaigns.

Limitations of Liability
We do not feel responsible for you for the content, use, or connections that are posted to you on this web site:

For any loss of your business, loss of earnings, profits, business relationships, loss of goods and services, loss of reputation.
For any indirect, special or consequential loss.
These limitations of liability will also apply even if we are warned of potential losses in advance.

Nothing in the Disclaimer of this Website will exclude or limit any implied warranties of the law; And nothing in the Disclaimer of this Website will exclude or limit our warranty in respect of each:

Question that could be illegal or outlaw;
Death or personal injury caused by our negligence;
Fraud or fraudulent intent on our person, activity;

Errors, Corrections And Changes
We can not immediately notice that our site is free of errors, free from viruses or other harmful components that will be detected. We do not represent and do not ensure that the information available through our website will be correct, accurate, durable In time and reusable. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to edit or delete documents, information or other content related to the service at any time.

Data Storage
Millionaire Accademy also relies on third-party vendors to provide hardware, software, and any kind of technology that allows you to use the Millionaire Accademy in an optimal way.

Using Site Knowledge
All the videos / webinars on this site are purely illustrative, and we do not want to replicate what you will see in Webinars / videos, it is your responsibility if you try to replicate them. is not responsible for any loss of money on your stock market, And / or currency (Forex), or other …

You assure and warrant that any purchase made by us that:

All the information you provide is valid and complete;
Payments are handled by Paypal;
The Paypal Terms and Conditions will be considered.

Payments & Refund Policy
Payments will be made through the Paypal processor All payments can not be refunded, only special cases will be refunded.

* The purchase of “” consists of my work, study and activities but does not in any way guarantee the achievement of the same results. What you buy is simply my experience, my time and my practice.
* I have done everything I can to make this product as complete, useful as possible and as much as possible, so that you, your customer, can, in the limits of your possibilities, put it into practice and improve your results.
* Italian law does NOT provide any Digital Returns Rights as “”. However, given the very high quality of the Product, I have decided to protect you with my “Satisfied or Reimbursed Guarantee”, which provides for a refund of your payment in the form of a coupon within 24 hours of the date of purchase if there is a VALID reason why you feel dissatisfied .
To comply with this warranty you will have to send the following email address: mik.cosentino @ the reasons for your dissatisfaction. NON-valid futile or position-based motives will only be available for the purpose of obtaining a refund such as:
“The course is not useful to me”
“I already knew this information”
As I said above, I did my best to make “” an OBJECTIVE of undoubted utility, and I also provide a precise customer support route tailored to meet all the needs, so any refunds will be considered ONLY to Light of the specific needs, situations or particular reasons of the Customer, in my unquestionable judgment.

* In the case of a refund request, the Customer undertakes to remove from the computer the purchased copy of the product, whatever it is. Your Account Support and Affiliation Account will also be disabled and will be deleted from the support group Facebook.
* All those customer accounts that grant access to friends and / or colleagues without our actual purchase will also be disabled. The smart guys do not want them as customers, so try to avoid giving up what you’ve bought.

Registration / Purchase
You will need to register on our site before making a purchase. When registering, you will be asked to provide us with accurate, complete and thorough payment information. Each registration is strictly for personal use. We do not allow:

Any third party use of your software and data;
Access through single name may be made available to multiple users. You are responsible for any unauthorized use
We hold the right and the authority to accept or reject your registration or termination of your registration once it is established for any reason that your app uses are inappropriate.

Third Parties: Terms of Service
You must register to this site before making a payment. Upon registration, you will be prompted to provide us with all the information regarding your purchase accurately. Any type of registration you require is strictly for your personal use.

Registered users
About You And On Visits To Our Site
We will handle the information provided to you in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By using our site, you consent to this type of treatment and make sure that all information provided by you is accurate and accurate.
Privacy Policy
You agree and declare to be bound by Facebook’s Terms and Policies (though something could be changed and modified over time) and our Terms and Conditions and any changes that sites like Facebook may make.

You do not have to use our content for causes or acts that could cause life and property damage in all its forms. Otherwise know that you are committing something outlawed, illegal, fraudulent.

You must not use our material, copy it, host it, post, publish, or distribute any kind of material that is (or is reported) to any form of spyware or viruses, trojan horses, keystroke loggers, rootkits or any other form of malicious software .

You will also need to not accumulate data accumulated through unrecognized marketing techniques (scraping, spamming, extrapolating data) in relation to this website.

Errors, Corrections And Changes
We do not represent or warrant that this site will be free of errors, viruses or other malicious components. We do not warrant that these defects may be corrected. We reserve the right in that case to permanently eliminate or correct any errors that impede the failure Operation of our app, if our IT skills allow us.

Virus, Hacking or Other Attack Types
We strongly discourage you from using any kind of content that can be introduced into our virus.trojan system. You are not authorized to obtain unauthorized access that is hosted on our server and on our site.

Failing to comply with this prerogative, you may commit an illegal act and you may go against the Computer Misuse Act of 1990. We will re-file such acts with the authorities and cooperate with them in order to find out the identity of these people.

We do not feel responsible for any damage caused by these attacks that could infect your PC, your programs, or your data due to our use of our site.

Data Storage
Millionaire Accademy also relies on third-party vendors to provide hardware, software, and any kind of technology that allows you to use the Millionaire Accademy in an optimal way.

The data collected through is used exclusively by users. We are not authorized to use the data provided by your users. We are not affiliated to our customers in any way and we are not responsible for the use of Your information.